High bus fares impede movement to work places

By Mathen Thuc Chol

Public buses including private and government transport coaches have made life difficult for the ordinary citizens who move on daily bases to their places of work in Juba.

The Bongo buses which were known by the passengers for their low fare has now increased their fare to 40 SSP. Citizens are anxious that the fare will continue to upsurge.

While in the other hand, the Noah and Minivans have increased the fare to 100 SSP for each passenger from Juba Market to Gudele One. And boda-boda from Konyokonyo to Custom Market is very expensive especially for students who are jobless.

The citizens of this country have indeed suffered from the consistent bus fare hike making it hard even to visit relatives in various residential areas. Students have become the main victims of the situation.

Also mothers who are tasked with the responsibility of feeding their children on daily luck have faced the bite of transport cost. Majority don’t have money to pay for their transport making them to end up footing to marking centres.

The fares, especially for Noah and minivans should be reduced for the unemployed youth and students.

I therefore urge the Juba City Council to intervene in reducing the bus fares without delay.

I was once disheartened when I boarded a Bongo bus from Konyokonyo to Gudele One by a conductor who was trying to collect his money. When he found that three students had no money, the conductor ordered the students to get off the bus. When we heard the conductor shouting on them, I and the rest of the passengers felt very disappointed by the aggressive attitude against the penniless students.

The passengers complained and blamed the conductor and the driver. They didn’t have sympathy for these students.

As a remedy, all public buses should really be regulated by the City Council. Their fares to different residences such as Gudele, Munuki, Custom and Konyokonyo should be fixed to minimize unnecessary transport cost hike.

When you go to Juba bus station around 4:00PM, you will find that more than 10 buses are headed to Munuki and none going to the rest of the residences like Gudele. You will see 15 buses heading to Custom and no single bus heading to Jebel Market, this is not fair.

I think most of the passengers go to Gudele one and two every day because it is the most populated residence in Juba. Hence, the authorities concerned should heed to the grief of the ordinary citizens as they battle with the current economic doldrums.

The author can be reached via mobile: 0925812841/0915695250

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