Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

At a time when the country is gaining stability and peace, many information outlets are trying to come out to distort some very important facts and pit communities against each other. Sometime, there are wolfs among the society who are wearing goat-skin. I am reacting to why Dr. Martin Elia Lomuro came out categorically to tell his audience in Kampala, Uganda that there was no marginalization of Equatoria. To anybody this could just pass, but knowing the caliber of Dr. Lomuro, he did not just come out to clear the air over nothing. He was responding to some silence rumours and gossips which have been doing the round to create a wedge between a peaceful society at a time when peace was in the process of being restored countrywide. In the recent past there have been all kinds of rumour mongering from the rumour dens. All these are meant to divert attention to what is taking place at this time and or give credit where it is due. These dens are full of “busy bodies” with nothing to do but to spread bushfire against any good meant to benefit the general public. They are out there ready to discredit any small or any good intention the government would wish to be for the benefit of the country. The question which some should answer, is who these people are working for. Are they patriotic and do they have the feeling of this country in their heart. These are many which can form an equation as to why these people, some, known are still let free in the midst of the innocent and peaceful society. They should be removed and taken to their rightful places because they cannot live in an open mix as they are poisonous to the minds of the general inhabitants. Dr.Lomuro among other key players has been in and out of the country seeking and following the return of peace. For him to come out to defuse such rumours or allegations there must have been something going on. Let whatever it was do not derail the achievement of peace accord. We are in a world of two fold, heaven and earth. The reason(s) why we must always remain focused in what we do for ourselves, society and the country. It should not be an eye for an eye which Mahatma Gandhi once said would blind the world. This time around all of us should be doing something positive towards the end of the month and beyond. Critically look at yourself and your background whenever you sit or eat or sleep and find out if your contribution to the mankind is worth your physical and natural existence in the face of the world. Reflect back and look in the mirror if you could pass for someone to be remembered for his/her deeds by the next generation. It is pointless to pretend to be a good person while in actual fact you are the opposite. When you wake up in the morning what do you do first? It is important to pray, but how many of us do this with honesty praying for themselves, their families, their society, the country, and the whole world. If you are among them stand up to be counted and count your blessing by showing what you have truly done and achieved even if it is in small bit. You can be proud of it and the next generation. Stand up my brothers and sisters to work for the benefit of the country by being forthright instead of spreading rumours and lies which are only detrimental to the development of mind and society. We live in racing world and we should all match the race.

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