Herders urged to control livestock

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Officials urged community elders from the herders in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State to control the domestic animals destroying crops.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, Antony Diko said that  it was not good to purposely take animals into people’s farmlands to destroy their produce.

“I call for peaceful coexistence between farming communities and pastoralists and I believe that both crops and animals are vital in development of South Sudan, but they should not affect each other’s source of livelihood. The communities that might have wronged each other because animals crazing in farming areas to reconcile and forgive one another for peace to prevail in Yei and the nation at large,” he said.

He added that all animals should be taken good care of to avoid destroying farmlands of the agriculturalists. If one had a little farm and somebody takeshis animals to destroy, it would not be good because that was where he or she earned living.

Diko said that he  wanted to call on all people of Yei to control the movement of animals. All people of Yei have animals, but have to  always ensure that they were tied down until dry season. People should all understand that Yei was a food producing town and that was why it has a big population because prices of food commodities were cheap and people of Yei were not people of tribalism, he revealed.

The elder advised South Sudanese to forgive each other and stay together in peace.

He believed that peace would not be brought to the country by foreign nationals as it required involvement of every citizen to play his or her part to develop South Sudan.

Another elder called Anthony asked the citizens to use dialogue as the best means of resolving differences among themselves and live as one people and one nation.

“The peace that we are looking for will not be got from anywhere in the world, but it is with us and that means that if we reconcile and forgive each other in all that happened in the past, we shall have peace. Embracing the love of God among us will contribute in uniting us and realizing the peace that we have been crying for,” added Anthony.

The elder urged the citizens of Yei River County to always be the role model to the nation by preaching and promoting peace.

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