Hepatitis on rise in Maridi

By Bakindo Stephen

Health official in Maridi County of Western Equatoria State has raised alarm on the high rate of hepatitis infection amongst the youths.

Maridi hospital acting medical director Dr.LilyDenima said at least in a week, 7 to 10 people test reactive with Hepatitis B and C.

“We received this case of hepatitis on daily bases both B and C in the hospital, we don’t have enough testing kits for both Hepatitis B and C. The few we have is to screen people who want to donate blood but in most cases patients test from the clinics in the town,” she said.

Dr Lilyurged the youth in Maridi not to focus only on HIV saying hepatitis is more dangerous than HIV.

“I want to send my message to the community that HIV has treatment people take drugs and live long with HIV but hepatitis has no treatment, today many clinic owners givewrong information to the community about Hepatitis, there is no drugs for Hepatitis, what they are giving you is not drugs for Hepatitis the WHO and CDC have not approved any drugs forHepatitis, what is there is the vaccine. People should be carefully with Hepatitisits silently killing us,” she said.

Hepatitis is a preventable liver infection caused by the hepatitis B virus spread when blood, semen or body fluids from a person infected with the virus enters the body of someone who is not infected.

Hepatitis was discovered in 1965 by Dr Baruch Blumberg who won the Nobel Prize for his discovery. Originally the virus was called the Australia antigen.

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