Help yourself, God will help you too

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Yesterday was Sunday; some people went to church to pray to God, thanked Him for protections and for being a lives. There were also several people who died from different diseases in different places.  Others were killed in communal clashes reported in the media. Many people thanked God for the good things He has done to them, whether it was promotions, healing from sicknesses and many among others.

 Those who succeeded from their demands show miracles in their lives because they requested God with whole hearts and achieved what they wanted from Him.  In such situation, they should continue praising God and help others to know God through them. You cannot do this if you are selfish with the word of God.

However, others remained home may be because the churches attended were still closed down due to Coronavirus disease.  The question is when is Coronavirus going to end in the country so that people would go back to their normal lives and attend various churches for prayers. It is difficult to predict as human beings, but if we pray and present everything in the hands of God including Coronavirus, it would ends.

There is nothing impossible to God on earth. It is only that the authorities should re-opening churches so that it allowed people to pray. To do away with the spirit of devils in the country, that needs collective prayers from all churches. What would be done is to keep social distances, provide hand sanitizers, water and soaps for washing hands. I am sure most church leaders are serious, this could work as people continue to pray.

If we compare markets with churches, there are many people in the markets selling their items and not keeping social distances, no washing hands from time to time. Or it is because those traders are saving people with food and non-food items which means we like earthly things more than spiritual one, we have forgotten that our last life is in heaven which God is responsible for it.

Better to prepare ourselves for heaven than the earth.

Currently, churches should be opened to keep Christians faith and fight COVID-19 in the country.

Therefore, we need to help ourselves with the word of prayers so that we remain strong and fight any challenge facing us.

May God bless us all.  

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