Help others, it pays!

By Ngor Khot Garang

In this life we don’t have problems, the only problem we have is that we don’t help ourselves as humans and that is a very big challenge. The God who created us conditioned us to always walk in love because it is through love that we find our way faster than in darkness. We may be rich or famous but we are nothing when we don’t think of the less fortunate. Let me tell you something, there was this guy whose story is very relevant here. His name is Kevin Carter.

This young man had the opportunity in the whole world to help a starving a starving child but the darker part of him denied him the chance to do that and it went on to claim his precious life at a fairly young age of 33 unmarried.

Kevin Carter was a South African photojournalist who was assigned by the media company at the time to cover the 1993 famine in Sudan.

Kevin took a moving picture where a vulture was waiting hungrily to devour an emaciated young child and the picture won him Pulitzer Prize for exceptional caption but he did not live to enjoy the prize. However, Kevin Carter got depressed and committed suicide.

The depression started when someone asked him in an interview what happened to the child in the photo whether he was alive or eaten up by the stalking vulture? Carter said,” I did not wait to see what happened after this shot as I had a flight to catch” And the person replied; I put it in to you that there were two vultures that day” one had a camera “.

This statement sank in Kevin and as he constantly thought of it, he ended his life at fairly young age of 33. Imagine, had he helped that young child, he would have saved two lives that of his and the young child who was later on feasted upon by the vulture. But because Kevin had his selfish intentions, he just left the young child to be eaten up by scavenger and he committed suicide after realizing that he had made a mistake. How sad? 

Listen, in whatever we do, let us first consider humanity before what we can gain. Carter may still have been alive today had he helped that little starving child. And the same thing applies to you, someone can find life through you and it is not all about money or anything like that, it is humanity that matters and the feeling that we are one people in search of peace and happiness.

Dig within you today if there is one person you can help start now tomorrow might be too late.  Let us leave the world a better place than we found it because there are millions of people who can be saved or destroyed by our today’s actions. We need to choose the right path not the bad one and that is what God wants us to do.

And you see, without feeling the pain and suffering of others, life is nothing and there is hardly anything to remind us if we would ever be happy or fulfilled if we don’t think of others the same way we think about ourselves.

Pleasures and comforts like sleeping under a shiny house, eating three square meals a day and having a high security around your home can’t give the kind of happiness compared to that which emanates from helping the poor, disabled, street children and the forgotten people in the community.

We are living in a highly fragmented world where millions are forlorn and without hope because of the corruption and civil wars. We have people who are rejected by their loved ones, some are abandoned because people are struggling on their own and many are sick and unable to contribute to the society anymore and they feel like they are a burden to others.

Some are wounded and depressed because of the failure of the government to drive the country in the vehicle that will leave nobody behind. They find no joy, meaning or a reason to live in this world and that is why so often times we hear of the suicide and premature deaths everywhere in South Sudan.  It is because people are hopeless and they want to stop the-never-ending-suffering and choose to die to find peace where ever they will go.

I don’t know if you put an hour or two aside to shed tears for the people of South Sudan.  This was never what God intended South Sudan to be. When God created the world, His vision was that everyone lives in happiness and havelife to its fullest.

We are not super human beings and we cannot solve our problems overnight, never!  It has never happened before.

But there is a route that we are entitled to follow for us and everyone to live a blissful life and that is love.  For in loving and serving others freely, we find great joy and peace. The money and resources that God has blessed us with belong to Him and not us.  We are only stewards of his blessings.  Therefore, we are all expected to share with those who have nothing so that when our time comes to an end, we may leave the world in good shape not in pieces.

The sacrifices we had made and the impression we have left behind will continue to remind others of us and will teach them that there is more to life than enjoying oneself alone. We should change from the way we have been living with others and start life anew to enrich not only ourselves but those that are living with us.

If we are united as one people of South Sudan and put aside our differences, we will even regret the times we have taken while fighting ourselves. This is the time for compensation, we must pay all the wrongs we have caused ourselves and put on the lenses of peace.

We must not let the dusk come before we do something for the greater good of every South Sudanese.  I know that the world is not our home and there will come a time when you will face your creator.

What will you tell God when he asks you questions like; “What have you left behind and whose life have you have had impacts on and in what way?”

This is the time you will hate yourself if you have been someone who thinks only about yourself and not of others. So make sure you leave this world abetter place than you found it by lifting others up and be an answer to the cries of millions. 

It is not only money that if you give someone money you have changed his or life.   You can help others by making where they live more neutral and peaceful for them to run their daily activities in a peaceful environment without any fear of being attacked or killed. Change your mind today and be a part of the solution not of the problem and God will help you too. Love others and say no to hate because you don’t hate somebody before you take the initiative to hate yourself.

Thanks for reading Finding Hope… This column is doing all it can because of you. God bless and I love you all.

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