It is rare that people do accept mistakes and failures and go to an extent of defending the wrong even where there is glaring evidence. The Minister in charge of Security Gen. Isaac Mamur is not that kind of a man. He calls a spade a spade not a big spoon. The minister who this week visited Juba Central Prisons decried the pathetic condition of the facility and what faced the inmates. He decried but promised that the government led by President Salva Kiir was aware and was doing something to correct the situation. It is important to those charged with responsibilities to always tell the truth and come up with possible remedies of correcting any situation instead of coming up with defensive approach which cannot help in solving the problems. It has to be appreciated that Gen. Mamur was forthright and to the point because a lot have been going on in such institutions but with little if any reports coming to the public domain. Prisons like other institutions need proper care because those inmates are supposed to face correction and be good citizens when released. Their lives should be the priority of officials taking care of them unit they complete their sentences or released otherwise. It is true that the country has been facing socio-economic burden which made it impossible for some key issues to be attended or factored to the upmost requirements. This should not prevent or deter planning for future improvement of some of the key affairs of the Nation improvement of prisons included. It is the duty of those appointed in position to help the leadership identify problems in their dockets for the government to act and correct the situation. The move by the minister to identify problems in prisons set-up is one way of making it possible for collective action to address the problems in the institution.

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