Heavy rain destroys Bidibidi Refugee settlement

Staff writer (Kampala, Uganda)

Heavy rain on Friday destroyed Bidi-Bidi Refugee settlement including the structures of a primary school in the camp, crops, houses, health centers and public offices roofed using carpets and other weak structures.

Six classroom blocks were blown off by heavy winds while pupils were in classes at one of the primary schools in the camp, Alaba Primary school.

The heavy torrential rain disrupted lessons during school hours and some of the pupils have not yet reported back to school due to the damages caused by rain and wind in refugee settlement. So far concerns have been raised by some of the refugee leaders on how the immediate issues facing learning activities should be solved as far as education matters within the refugee settlements are concerned.

Alaba Primary school was constructed by Windle Trust, a None Governmental Organization-NGO handling education programmes in the refugee settlement.

A block leader within the school who asked to remain anonymous said he was not happy with the way the NGO handled issues, saying; “the NGO is turning the schools to be entertainment centers, not learning centers or schools anymore.”

He said he was worried because some of the schools in the settlement have delayed to reopen.

“Alaba Primary school has 852 pupils and a class alone has 214 pupils. The distance between the classrooms is about 5 by 8 meters classroom in size. Classroom control is poor and assignments given to pupils are not marked yet they are happily preparing their primary seven candidates, who are preparing themselves to sit for UNEB 2017 national examination,” he told Juba Monitor on Friday.

Meanwhile, Mr. Drasi Ally, a district leader and a Councilor representing Kululu Sub County, one of the host Sub Counties said they are giving one month for Windle Trust to work on the roofs and change them into iron sheets as soon as possible because heavy rainfall of that nature is expected in the coming months.




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