HEAVY-Deployment in land grab hotspots

Emmanuel Adil Anthony, Governor of Central Equatoria State

By William MadoukGarang 

Central Equatoria State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony Wani has ordered the deployment of security forces in land grab hotspot areas in Juba to prevent illegal allotment of land and deter resulting conflict due to malpractice.

Adil who is a member of a committee appointed by President Salva Kiir in August last year, had in the past issued several orders banning the conflict-ridden demarcation and sale of land in Juba without government authorization and supervision, but the orders seemed to have gone implemented.

“People must stop with immediate effect the demarcation that is unlawful and illegal and I said we are putting all measures, whoever demarcating land outside the law we have standby forces and they will be arrested,” the governor said in a statement to the public service broad corporation, SSBC Thursday evening.

Land related disputes have recently become more frequent and resulted in number of deaths as parties involved, including individuals within the government use violence to grab land.

In December last year, two people were shot dead in Garbo village east Juba city allegedly by security operatives accompanying the land committee as informal settlers there tried to resist the demolition of their structures commissioned by the committee.

Governor said all illegal land distribution must cease with immediate effect, adding that more security forces will be deployed in all areas identified to hubs for the practice.

 “We have done the deployment there (Garbo) for last twenty-four hours there is nothing that has taken place, so we are going to deploy in all the areas and this will be extended to all the surroundings of Juba town so that land demarcation that is being carried out is stopped,” he stressed.

The committee is tasked with carrying out an assessment on informal settlement and land grabbing in Juba as well as getting the number of households and demographic data affected and reporting to President Kiir within six months.

Following the Garbo violence, Chiefs of the area including one Rodento told media some powerful military personnel were involved forcefully taking land and harassing the native of the areas despite the order banning further allotment of land.

“The soldiers who were sent to guard the place, and not to allow people to erect houses are the ones doing the illegal demarcation in the area. Right now these people are on the ground demarcating plots and distributing land,” Rodento was quoted by a local media as saying.

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