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Hearing over land dispute case postponed

By Bida Elly David

A court hearing over land dispute between renowned South Sudanese Artist Duop Pur and Cosmas Juma, the Deputy Chairman of the Land Registry had been postponed until the 27th Oct 2021by Gudele police court on Wednesday.

Thomas Deng, the judge who presided over the case said that the case had been postponed basing on the absence of Cosmas’s witness who would had appeared before the judge to present facts.

“Since Cosmos Juma has no witness to present facts upon his claim for the ownership of the land, the case was postponed till 27th -10-2021.” Said Deng.

Duop Pur, the complainer however claimed that he acquired his land where he was by then inhabiting since 2006 from the community through the chiefs before it was demarcated.

“I began settling on my land in 2006 through the community and the local chiefs before it was demolished and demarcated by the government. It was a voluntary settlement for every one where government later on came with a demolition considering few people registered by the community for land allocation in which my name was inclusive”. Said Pur.

Furthermore, Pur added that after the approval of settlement by the government through the community, they were urged to proceed with legal procession of land documents from the office of survey in which he did it and acquired his documents for the land title.

However, Cosmas Juma the defendant and deputy chairperson for land registry said, both of them had similar land documents with Duop bearing differences in the year of issue.

 He added that Duop accused him for a trespass while staying in his own land which was not true and logical since the document clearly indicated the interval of the years through which these documents were produced.

“To make it clear, I obtained my land documents in 2009 while Duop obtained his in 2012 yet he accused me of land trespass. Therefore, the documents indicating difference in the year of issue clearly states that it is mine by logic”. He added.

Furthermore, he added that since the final judgment was underway due to the demand of his witness for facts, the media should keep their information for final publication.

The two awaited for final judgment upon countdown on deadline.

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