Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

I am glad the National Dialogue’s conference is over and a number of key issues to better the future of the country were discussed, deliberated on and recommendations made for implementation. As a matter of facts, the recommendations that President Salva Kiir Mayardit has promised to implement to the latter is one good step for the country. This was his brain-child and he had all the reasons to ensure its success of addressing national issues of the people for the people as a one people and a one country. The dream that has hanged into expectation far this long will be over when parliament is reconstituted and resumed business. It has been a journey well walked and well covered. My only concern is how the media sector was treated during the deliberation. All ears and eyes were following the on-goings through the media houses that tasked their journalists on daily coverage of the event. Surprisingly, no mention of any improvement or on how the media industry should inter-relate in national issues. Sometime it is not intentional but this one no one can claim otherwise. There are a number of key players who wished to present the challenges facing the media industry during the 15 days sitting with hopes pegged on the final day which never was. It never happened not because of time but somewhere the organizers did not find it appropriate or fit to give a chance to the key media personalities or was it a single mind and person who decided against the move. It is not too late to include the media industry’s needs in the national implementation. Something can be done now to ensure the industry which is the mirror and voice of the voiceless found a space in the heart of the leadership and the country, because what they do is done for the good of all.  There should be a point that can help turn around the would have been damage of perception that may have made the delegates at the national dialogue’s conference not put it as a agenda for discussion. That would be a wrong perception that would be seen like intending to leaving or cutting out one limb against another one which is not the wish of the conference as initially outlaid in the national requirements. Media has come along way and with the government concern to improve the industry, created and established the media authority to oversee the growth and handle challenges in and within. This cannot be overlooked and it is the more reasons that a room or rooms be found to accommodate the views of the stakeholders without prejudice. The development of the country rests in the hands of all players. Media included. It is the more reasons that all must walk the same walk and talk the same talk together. There cannot be another way that national issues can be handle except. The media industry remains hopeful that the implementation of the conference deliberations will be met including the need to develop the media industry.

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