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Healthcare workers trained on COVID -19 awareness in Lakes

By Mabor Riak

The Ministry of Health through support from United Nations International Children Education Fund (UNICEF)trained at least 28 Healthcare workers on COVID -19 awareness in Lakes State.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Expanded Program for Immunization (EPI) officer who was the lead facilitator for COVID-19 health workers training, Laat Makuek Manyiel said that the state has three vaccination centers for COVID-19 in every County in all the eight counties of Lakes State.

 “We conduct vaccination training for J & J in all those COVID-19 centers. The reason why the Ministry of Health organized such important training on COVID 19, was due to some misinformation circulated in the community that vaccine makes people who received it becomes unproductive and makes life span short by making people who received the shot die in a short time,” Manyiel said.

He added that the vaccines Johnson& Johnson was administered at once and it’s safe for everyone from 18 years above and also safe for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers.

Manyiel said health workers training on COVID-19 was a preparatory to next week vaccination of the community in all the eight counties of Lakes State.

Meanwhile, Medical Director of Awerial County, Majok Achiek said that the training brought together not only health workers in Awerial County, but also people from the community.

“This training focused on how to administer COVID-19 Johnson and Johnson,” said Achiek.

However, Simon Madul Butic, one of participants of the training said that he had learned from the training the important of COVID-19 vaccines and how it could be administrated to the people who were going to receive the vaccination.

“Health workers who are taught are ready to administer COVID-19 vaccines. We gained a lot of experience from local community organization called Integrated Community Mobilization Network (ICMN) which is focusing on awareness in Awerial County and this is the one that will do mobilization.

Butic added that the organization had drawn community mobilizers from different Payams for the purpose of receiving a training on COVID-19 and they would go back and do mobilization in all the sixPayam of Awerial County.

He said that community health workers were happy for the training on COVID-19 even though it was one-day training.

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