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Health workers trained on Leprosy management

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

At least 35 health care workers trained on Leprosy management training in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State implemented by St. Bakhita Health Centre of Yei Diocese.

Zachariah Angutuwa Sebit, St. Bakhita Health Centre Administrator said that the facility handled components of leprosy, sleeping sickness and others diseases. 

He regretted that leprosy is a neglected disease in most communities that would need to be paid a lot of attention.

“We have the components of leprosy sleeping sickness and other related from the administration of the diocese under the leadership of Bishop Erkolano Lodu Tombe, we negotiated with partners to support the facility. Leprosy is a serious and sad disease that is neglected by the people of the communities,” regretted the Vicar General.

He mentioned that leprosy patients were so vulnerable in the society and called on the public to always be in solidarity with such group of people.

Zachariah revealed that the establishment of units in Lasu, Tore Morobo and Lainya to attend to the needs of the suffering people.

The Vicar General called on the health care givers to show hearts of humanity in treating the leprosy patients.

“The patients of leprosy are very vulnerable people in the we established units in Lau,Tore, Morobo and Lainya and when the project started, these were our target advise to you the health care workers is that, our hearts for such vulnerable people is very paramount,” advised Angotowa.

Bidali Martin,Yei River County surveillance officer, encouraged the participants to put more effort in managing the leprosy diseases.

He expected the medical personnel to serve the suffering population of Yei, especially the leprosy patients

“All of us who are invited for this training, let us put efforts so that we implement what we are trained the doctor said, leprosy is a neglected disease in our we have to put our focus to serve our people,” encouraged Martin.

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