Health students carry out awareness campaign

Students of Juba Institute of Health Science (photo by Koch Nhial Nhial):

By Koch Nhial Nhial 

The students of Juba Institute of Health Science organized a health campaign on Wednesday to create awareness in residential areas of Munuki and Hai Referendum and parts of Gudele.

The one-day campaign was meant to create awareness and to influence public attitudes of seeking traditional treatment and get medical treatment.

Annet Today, a student of nursing said they mobilized the communities and told them the goodness of medical health facilities, asked the community to express their challenges.

She said they urged the community to cooperate with health workers at their locations to allow them advocate for the prevention of diseases and educate the citizens about the good uses of medicine in their communities.

Ms Annet said the Government should identify where there are no health facilities and respond to those areas by constructing health facilities; provide enough capacity building to health workers, supply them with medicines and tools for them to treat the civil population in the country.

She urged the government to provide mosquito nets to the communities to prevent the spread of malaria and advocate for the use of preventive medicines.

Annet said mothers should allow their children to sleep under mosquito nets, feed their children well, and prevent them from eating leftover food as well as unclean food to prevent contracting getting diseases.

Juma Michael, a student of Clinical Medicine and Public Health who was part of the campaign noted that lack of medical services in communities is the major problem to the people in South Sudan.

“We are going to fight for the changes in the health sector by putting individual efforts with government support to push for better services in the field to improve people’s lives,” Juma said.

He elaborated that pregnant mothers are suffering in the country which need special attention by both government and family members. He promised to go and deliver medical services to the people after when he graduates.

He encouraged students to go out with the knowledge gained from the Institute to deliver better services to change the current health situation in the nation.

Lubang Rueben the Academic Register at the Institute appreciated the students’ initiative for conducting health awareness campaign at the community.

He said access to health services has improved compared to previous years but only the shortage of qualified health professionals affects the delivery of health services to the people.

Rueben added that, Government should strengthen monitoring mechanism and observe whether health services are delivered to the right people and on the right time.

“Health is the responsibility of everybody in the country to advocate for better health services in our communities,” Rueben said. “Government should support Training Institutions to increase the capacity and human resources in the medical field and also supply of the adequate medicine to improve service delivery to the society,” he added.

He encouraged ladies to be trained in health sectors to provide quality services to the people because ladies are better teachers than men.

“Send your children to come for health training institutions in the country and people should not wait for external support but do their part,” Rueben said.

Mary Adut Tong, a resident of Munuki residential area encouraged the health workers to go and help people suffering from different diseases in the country.

She said professional health workers should act according to their professional code of ethics in delivering services to the communities.

She requested health workers to be committed in doing their work because many health facilities in the country lack “even a single health worker”.

Dr. Isaac Ayii Ayii, the Executive Director of Juba Institute of Health Science encouraged the students to work hard because their profession requires commitment and innovativeness when dealing with patience.

He said the medical students should avoid laziness and work for change and improvement in the health sector.

He urged the government and community members to use qualified health workers and provide them with necessary need to motivate them in delivery of services.







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