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Health official denies shortage of drugs in Rumbek hospital

By Mabor Riak

Lakes State hospital has denied a report that Rumbek State hospital run out of life saving drugs and the hospital administration authorities is asking outpatients and inpatients to bring their own drugs in order to be treated in hospital.

Mawet Bol, Administrator in charge of Administration in Rumbek State hospital denied shortage of running out of life saving drugs.

“We have not totally run out of life saving drugs but the drugs we used since July up to December last year. We have run out of some drugs but some drugs are in the hospital and also when we run out of stock, our partners use to supply us with drugs and right now we have some drugs in the state hospital,” he added.

He stated that there were some drugs which could be out of stock and other drugs were available. The only drugs which was out of stock was anti-malaria drugs for injection but other drugs are here and they are available in the store and no patient could go and buy drugs.

He revealed that if the patient was admitted due to malaria in the hospital, this is where we could go and buy the drugs but if it is a complicated malaria than we have quinines here in the hospital and we cannot tell you to go and buy quinines because quinines are here in Rumbek hospital.

Also, the consignment of drugs would come soon in February here and that is a consignment for four (4) months and mostly, we would have a lot of drugs in the hospital very soon.

“We use to get this consignment of drugs mostly from Juba main office and Helpful Pool Fund (HPF) and Cuaam which is an implementing agents use to bring emergency drugs after every 2 months.”he said..

“Like in case of a patient who is completely suffering from malaria, we have anti-malaria drugs available only for emergency.

Meanwhile, The Director General, Hakim Makuer Gol said that authorities had asked both outpatients and inpatients to bring their own drugs in order to be treated in Rumbek State hospital.

“We received the last consignment of drugs in November 2021 but was not sufficient for the population,” Hakim said.

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