Health Ministry to Counter Internal Brain-drainage

By John Agok

The South Sudan Ministry of Health established advisory body comprises of senior consultants who have suggested ten guiding principles that will regulate the employment system in the country’s health sector.

In the media briefing, Prof. Mayen Achiek Machut the Undersecretary told journalists.

“We are going to effect these ten guiding principles by the end of December and crucial among the ten principles includes governance of the partnership, service to define the term of employment, incentives and service salary. Also medication care suppliers and all the NGOs to have unified accounts that will be transparent to the ministry of finance and international partners or donors”, he explained.

“This is in a bid to curb money lost in the hands of our implementing partners’ translations and to deter donors’ confusion with our government. The regulations of employment system will also avoid internal brain-drainage of our own professionals, since many medical professors and our scientists seek green pasture in our health partners institutions, leaving our ministry health facilities vacant”, he added.

“It is now high time that we regulate their employment system with international partners and attracting them to work with the Ministry by building their capacity here for them to serve diligently the public”, Mayen concluded.

Meanwhile, Dr. John Numunu the senior Director General in Ministry of Health applauded the efforts done in ensuring these guiding principles that will culminate into Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between health partners and their line ministry as well.

“We thank the board and the Ministry in setting up such guidelines as MOU between the ministry and the partners,” he concluded. Dr. Anthony Garang the chairperson of South Sudan Doctor’s Union view couldn’t be reached due to his busy schedule according to him”, he said.

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