Health Ministry shifts coronavirus testing to IDU

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Public Health Laboratory has shifted coronavirus testing processes to Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Unit (IDU) after the government declared the reopening of schools. 

Dr. Bior Kuer Bior, the Acting Director General for Public Health Laboratory told the coronavirus weekly briefing on Sunday that the fresh arrangement was adopted based on new measures being undertaken despite coronavirus pandemic.

On Friday, the cabinet announced the reopening of learning institutions across the country; six months after coronavirus measures were decided.

Dr. Bior revealed that the health authorities were able to abide by the new changes since coronavirus testing was done at Juba School of Health Science, a school which is also expected to resume with other schools.

He affirmed that shifting to new testing centre would allow for reopening arrangements of that particular school as it dues.   

“As you have heard from the television, schools are reopening and we were doing all the processes at Juba Health Science Institute, so we have to free up that facility so that we can make the arrangement for reopening,” Dr. Bior narrated.

“So everybody who is looking for COVID-19 test should now go to the IDU, the Dr. John Garang Infectious Disease Unit, just outside the Public Health Laboratory,” he added.

The centre will now be available for sample collections, registrations and issuing of results. 

Dr. Bior revealed the Public Health Laboratory teams have already embarked on their routine work yesterday (Sunday) as it continues in the course of the time.

“We have started today, Sunday, and from next week, we will continue from there, all the registrations, collection of samples and issuing of results will be done there (IDU),” he explained.

According to the Laboratory specialist, no one would be allowed to go to the Public Health Laboratory unless IDU only.

Dr. Bior advised the public to follow the directives as issued without non-compliance.

“I am still appealing to the public that for us to help you better, then you need to be a bit organized than what we are seeing now,” he said.

“Most of the people are still coming back with the expired COVID-19 certificate because they did not organize their travel well,” Dr. Bior added.

He urged the travelers to ensure reporting for testing three days before their traveling days so that their schedules were not interrupted.  

“If you know that you are traveling in four days, then you come to us early so that we can arrange how we can test you. By this, you will not miss your flight,” Dr. Bior said.  

“If you come to us today and you say you are flying out tomorrow then it is difficult for us (Public Health Lab) to help you, so avoid this and make sure you come three days before time of your travel so that we can help you better,” he concluded.

Currently, South Sudan has 2,584 cases of coronavirus after the Public Health Laboratory reported 6 new cases in the last 24 hours.

Out of the figure, 1,438 have recovered and 49 as fatalities.

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