Health Ministry blames citizens for disowning coronavirus results

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Ministry of Health has blamed the citizens for rejecting their coronavirus status after the results.

The Health officials described the act as “irresponsibility.”

According to World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health, the health professionals told the weekly press briefing on Sunday most of the citizens had constantly rejected positive results on so many scenarios saying that the results do not belong to them.

Dr. John Rumunu, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Coordinator with the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted that lack of cooperation was a major problem in the response against the pandemic.

“For instance, people who tested positive from the travelers’ screening or voluntary screening disown results. Some of them try to disown their results after hearing that they are positive,” he explained.

“In the process, they put off contacts and all people clearly pronounce that such results do not belong to them,” Dr. Rumunu added.

He called on everyone to refrain from such behaviors and behave as responsible citizens.

Dr. Thuou Loi, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health stated that the public was supposed to cooperate with the health fraternity in the fight against the pandemic.

“If you are tested positive, and you are asked to tell your contacts, then it is important that you reveal those people so that they are tested,” he said.

“The aim here is not to stigmatize people but to collectively try to defeat the virus,” he said.

According to Dr. Loi, there was need to join hands in fighting the virus, adding that the Health Ministry won’t defeat COVID-19 alone without join efforts.

Dr. Loi, said if the country men and women continue not to cooperate with the health directives, the situation would be disastrous to all of the people, including those individuals who do not want to cooperate.

Dr. Mathew Tut, the Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, also the Director of Emergency Operations Center at the Ministry of Health said that it will be so difficult to contain the pandemic since people were trying to deny their coronavirus status.

“Even if we get thousands or we see upsurge in areas like Malakal and people are not responsible, it will be very difficult to contain the situation, we will just be having figures but the control measures in vain,” Dr. Mathew concluded.

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