Health link awards best letter writers in Kuggi

By: Tombura James

Healthlink, in partnership with Child fund-Korea organized letter writing competition in Kuggi primary school in Gudele II and the winners were given their prizes on Saturday.

The competition was organized for pupils from primary four up to primary eight where only successful pupils were considered liable for the awards of school bags and T. shirts as their prizes, and all the teachers of the school were appreciated with the same gifts for their effort of guiding the pupils during the competition in the school.

Speaking to the gathering during the event, Francis Lokosanca, the Director for private schools in Jubek state encouraged the teachers by saying “I started serving as a teacher since 1979 and by now many of my students have become important people in the nation. It is through commitment and perseverance that a teacher can do this.”

The director said that teachers do have challenges but they should think of changing the nation through educating the children because without education no change will come in people’s lives which will ruin our nation South Sudan.

Francis assured the parents that education begins from home through the instructions of the parents without which, the children would not learn up to the expectation of both the parents themselves and the teachers. He urged the parents to be close to the school administration and educate both boys and girls equally because it is through them that change will happen in the nation.

The P.T.A Chairperson, Mr. Badi Abbas Manga appreciated Healthlink and Childfund-Korea for their tireless support in Kuggi Primary school especially in building classrooms and training teachers. He said he and his members are working hard to ensure that the parents and the teachers are linked together to have a joint effort in educating the children.

The P.T.A chairperson added that many men left the responsibility of educating children at the hands of women where women are the ones to look for school fees, buy school uniforms and prepare the children for school every day. He said that there will be new policies of the school next year and any parent who will not comply with the rules may take his or child to a school of their preferences otherwise there is need for change and improvement in school performance next year.

Mr. Juma Nurhan, the project coordinator for Healthlink said the organization is partnering with Childfund-Korea to ensure maximum support in schools by training teachers, building classrooms and providing scholastic material for learners. There Kuggi Primary school is one of the schools they are supporting within Jubek state. They don’t pay teachers’ salaries but it is left at the hand of the parents to support their teachers of Kuggi Primary school.

Mr. Juma called upon the parents and the teachers to coordinate to ensure quality education for the children within the area as they also continue with their programs in the schools.

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