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Heal for the next generation

By Atimaku Joan

Healing can be offensive to people who are benefiting from your brokenness, and that is why the damages will always be there.

But, not letting the wounds and trauma created before control you, means moving on and that is the best version of stepping into a new linage.

You will carry all the weight of shame and face the humiliation from people who believe that change is impossible, especially to the one who has been a wrongdoer but never any trial to change is like being near change itself though many will not understand it.

It cannot be easy when you are being the person to heal your family linage, leave alone healing the nation.

The police are busy at work doing a wonderful job by cracking down criminal activities in the country while on the other hand, there has been a relative rise in criminal activities including armed robbery, burglary, killing and money laundry, among others, in the city.

Which is not fair, it is like undermining the efforts of people who are up to change for the country intentionally.

Why would normal citizens resort to creating new criminal dens and practicing second ownership of properties illegally?

There is a saying that “a poor man or a woman is loved unconditionally by his or her mother” it is better to be poor but have the society on your side otherwise being rejected by your own parents can be one of the prices of being a criminal because nobody would like to associate with bad things, especially when they are trying to make ends meet positively.

Accepting a criminal is like being reminded by Satan to focus on negativity and leave blessings behind.

It is a new year and, therefore, it is high time to concentrate on creating good things which could bring joy to even one person than havoc.

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