HAVOC, As illegal structures are demolished

By: Elia Joseph Loful

The demolition of illegal structures at Gwudugee farm area of Rejaf County created public fear in Gumbo Sherikat yesterday forcing others to flee over insecurity.

Speaking to the press, Juma Stephen the Minister of Information Jubek State said the demolition of the area came as a result of complaints raised by Rejaf commissioner together with the community members citing illegal land grabbing.

Police headquarters confirmed the demolition but assured residents of their safety saying the security organ was watching and monitoring the situation on the ground. National Police spokesperson Maj. Gen Daniel Justine is quoted as having told journalists.

Residents appreciated and thanked President Salva Kiir for his earlier order for illegal land occupiers to vacate the area without further delay. They said in a statement (see back page) that the President’s order had come at the right time and had saved a situation which would have turned volatile.

Earlier sources within the area confirmed having gun shots for the last two days and that the situation came back to normal yesterday after the deployment of the combined security forces in the Gumbo area.

“The issue of Gwudugee started early this year where land grabbers occupied that piece of land and started doing constructions and selling land in the area. The commissioner and the community members raised a complaint to the state that there are people occupying and selling that piece of land,” Stephen said.

He said the commissioner had earlier raised the matter to the office of the President.

He said early Sunday there was false information circulating saying the government was going to demolish the whole of Gumbo sherikat residential area, the exercise was specific to that area.

“A meeting was conducted in the Ministry of Interior and a committee was formed chaired by Minister of Physical Infrastructure to do exercise to remove those illegal constructions,” Stephen explained.

He added that the intention of their joint press release was to clarify to the public that there was wrong information purporting the demolition of Sherikat area.

He revealed that a three year old child was wounded as result of the process.

“And with this exchange we have a child actually, which is now under treatment due to this action,” he revealed.

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