Have we forgotten civil population?

By: Akol Arop Akol

As a leader ask yourself what you have done for your people, starting from the community and then to the whole country.

Helping your family is not much considered as achievement made through your leadership. Even if you were not given a position of leadership, still as a father, mother or an elder, you have the responsibility to lead your family; children and relatives.

Your leadership should be focused on your community and the whole country. The first day you think or feel like you have something hidden in you that can help other people should be the day you have known that you will always be there for the people to represent, to depend and repent whenever you go wrong.

As leader, apart from qualities, you must be ready to spend time to listen to  people’s complaints and views, you must have be ready to serve them, talk and wholeheartedly help them with the materials that they need.

Having a public position should not give you a power to exploit the unprivileged ones, do not take public resources home. Indeed you as a leader should use your own resources to help people but instead some of the leaders have struggled by all means, by begging or bribing, convincing the above-leaders or forcing their ways through, and they are called liberators yet they have no clear long vision that would help people.

We can see today, many are not working, and we are fixing eyes on one person on high position. Eyes are there to see what is happening around and in case of any danger, the hands and legs would respond in defense.

Our problem today is that leaders are not seeing their roles, instead of taking orders and warnings from their boss, they are reluctant, and less defensive for their people and the country.

They don’t care of what people at the grassroots are facing, whether sick or hungry, they just bear. And those tenants in rural areas are surviving on their farms and cattle, but what about health facilities and education of their children?

They have no access to technology because no network in some areas; radios, newspapers and TV programs don’t reach them. They are waiting because they are told to patiently as they are young nation.

Time will come to understand that some of their leaders they are trusting are betraying. A few of them are working hard, we can see some few roads, hospitals, schools and networks; they deserve appreciation.

Still our eyes are on those lazy and corrupt leaders who don’t go to work for the sake of common-man, the corrupt who loot and make their lives good will be seen in daylight when justice and accountability prevail.

This is inequality, why are some people enjoying luxurious life while others are suffering? Some people eat four times a day while others sometimes spend 4 days with empty stomachs, yet the country is rich. Doesn’t richness of the land make the owners rich?

Instead, the foreigners who have come to do business or to illegally engage in smuggling are more prosperous and living happy life more than indigenous people of the land.

Who is responsible for the innocent children and widowed women wandering on the streets of the Country’s City? This question always ring in my mind, ‘’why do we eat whole meat and throw bones to the dogs even when they even help in killing the animal during hunting’’ Is it because they cannot talk or that they are superior to them?

I recount this questionable quote to address the suffering of my people for South Sudan. Some of our leaders don’t put considerations of their people; they use civilians as firewood for cooking their food.

The leaders wrongly think they are light-bulk and civilians are just candles. Leaders must know without their votes and support, no one would get a ticket to leadership.

But listen leaders, don’t forget your own people; as they stood with you, you should not let them down instead you need to think about them first not to go and play politics which brings misunderstanding and later develop into conflicts.

If they die cool-blooded, then perpetrators will be held accountable both in the book of Earth-Justice and in the eternal Book of God.

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