Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is coming, the month l dreaded most. Next month is December and then come January, which causes sleepless nights to parents with school age children. December is coming with Christmas when every person or household expects to have something new and eat good food because it is a festive month. The January with back-to-school demands when one has wasted all his earnings. Thank God for Yaba, l do not have school going children but that does not mean there are no responsibilities to the extended families. Everybody, me included is working and saving something small although it has been a dry spell for many due to unwarranted circumstance which now rest solved. All are hoping that they can save enough for themselves and their families. But one of my friends is not so lucky because according to him he is a hustler who does this or that to survive the heat in a clean way. This friend told me that he did some work for someone who promised to pay him in hard currency hopes against hopes; it has taken more than five months of walking in and out of that man’s office. He has reminded the man with all known channel of communications but to no avail. The last time he was in the man’s office he was humiliated in front of other people present. He left smiling but deeply hurt inside. He reminded me that some people do not follow the word of God. In Deuteronomy 24 verse 15 says “pay them their wages each day before sun-set”. My friend is giving up planning for next month because he is broke and can’t afford since he relied on this promise he thought was from a gentleman. In the same bible we are told, do to others what we would want done to us. Where are our human morals? Why do we sometime behave as if we own the world? One might feel greatly protected because he has the situation under his hand or in control, but the final judgment will come from God whom we are all equal in his eyes. I pity and sympathize with my friend and told him so but this could not solve his immediate need or for his family. I have lived in a world where dark hearts are rear because of being whom l want to be. The only problem is that no one can live in isolation. If we all come to understand the world and treat one another with respect and due consideration, the world would have remained a better place to be in. But not anymore since each one is in a hurry to success sometime ending up their journey pre-maturely. I am and will continue praying for my friend to be able to meet his parental and family obligations. May God answer his prayers and help him solve his domestic chores. But those who are inhuman in their thinking and mind should be prayed for so that they can have a feeling hearts.

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