Hatiha refutes rumors of rejecting Lobong

By Kabaka Quintous

Hatiha community in Torit County has dismissed rumors that they rejected the appointment of Louis Lobong Lojore, the Governor of Eastern Equatoria State.

The statement came during their meeting with governor Lobong on Friday last week at the State secretariat.

The community leaders denied the allegations describing them as propaganda labeled against them to tarnish the name of their community.

There is circulating disinformation among communities in Torit that the present governor was not congratulated by the host community after his appointment in Juba. About thirty communities from Eastern Equatoria sent their congratulatory messages to Louis Lobong through the media.

Hatiha community comprises of Mura in Hiyalla Payam, Abalwa and part of Torit.

Speaking after the closed-door meeting, Adelino Ojina Quintos the leader of Hatiha community dismissed any allegations labeled against, saying Hatiha are peaceful people.

“We shared a lot of things and being a host community there are a lot of things that we have underwent. Truly whatever propaganda, claims we are getting from the communities in Torit is all geared to us and on this very community the host, that is a big lie,” he explained.

“That is why we have decided to come on our own to share with the governor,” Adelino said.

He reiterated that these are propagandas to tarnish the image of Hatiha community, adding that since time of their grandfathers they have never had any problem with any community.

 “In fact if we were wild like other communities, Torit would not be as it is today,” he said.

Hatiha leader said his community was ready and committed to work with the state government.

Adelino revealed that they have also discussed issues related to land dispute to enhance development in the state capital Torit.

“Issues of land are there and it is going to be on the recovery style of the land and the big man is very well aware but it will take time to solve this,” he said.

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