Hate speech like a burning bushfire

By Akol Arop Akol

The hate speech is burning like a bushfire on the World of social media, and that’s why the conflicts are spreading all over the country. The negative messages spread to the community are like woods being added into a burning fire.

Peace was signed by political parties, and it’s supposed to be enjoyed by everyone in their localities, nonetheless the political and communal activities going on today in the country define a lame peace. Is peace there when there are rebel-movements in bushes ambushing passengers and obstructing civilians’ activities such as farming and trade? Is there a true peace when unknown armed men loot properties and rape young girls and women in communities?

Peace is signed but not enjoyed. The local population is still asking when peace would be achieved as there are anti-peace people who don’t want stability; they are terrorizing the country in order to be heard and then rewarded. The President and other peace-makers have called on the warring movements to join the peace process in order to bring the country back to peace but their expectations go beyond.

Our young people who could not find any way to speak out their minds are using social media as a tool to fight for their interests. Their interests would have been good if they were bringing progress for the country but all is hate speech targeting leaders, communities and individuals. The culture of hate speech is emerging, overtaking and fueling conflicts in the country.

It is only on social media where you can find one in primary level behaving like a VIP. The users who promote hate speech are deceiving to be in Universities yet some of them are poor in grammar. The reason why they like posting hurting messages is to defend their leaders from whom they get a support. So, they act as Facebook politicians to comment on National issues. The big problem is their weakness to differentiate activism from nepotism, Politics from criticism. An activist doesn’t tolerate hate speech on other individual or against community, he or she balances his views and put blames on both side of the parties or groups of people involved in a certain case. For our Facebook users who act as politicians or proclaimed activists, they go into privacies of the innocent people they are challenging.

Our graduates are also engaged in community chaos. It makes me recall a wise saying from my fellow young writer when he said education has lost meaning in South Sudan, one who spend years in school and once graduated he would pick a gun and join communal fighting which is believed to be rooted from cattle, land, power and ethnicity.

Those youths who hang their certificates and go for gambling and fighting didn’t understand the value of education, and surely their school fees and time they devoted to go to school are wastage. Someone in University is considered civilized and educated, why is it different in South Sudan? We don’t know reason why someone who has a degree in medicine, Engineering or accounting would keep his papers and join criminal activities instead of looking for jobs to work for themselves.

What they are good in is false accusation, defamation, segregation and corruption. Our graduates must be peace preachers and stop hate speech.

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