Hass Petroleum reduces price to 198 per litre

By Mandela Nelson Denis

As part of the social responsibility, Hass Petroleum has reduced the price of fuel to less than 200SSP to make fuel affordable during this time of coronavirus lockdown.

At the same time the Petroleum Company and Atlabara Football club have also started public awareness on how to stay safe from coronavirus.

The public awareness started yesterday at the Hass Petroleum Neighborhood of Atlabara, Nimra talata and will move to the rest of Juba town.

Speaking to Juba Monitor, Ahmed Kalmey Muhamed, the country Manager of Hass Petroleum said that educating the masses about how to keep safe at this moment was very important.

“It is so unfortunate there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the country and this means that awareness on hand wash and other health measures is very crucial as we aim at fighting the virus,” said Ahmed.

The awareness campaign is set to run for one week and each household would be taught how to wash their hands in the proper way, Ahmed said.

The awareness of the people of Juba by Hass Petroleum comes as the company continues to play its part in the corporate social responsibility and giving back to the community.

“We are proud of South Sudan and the people have made us to be who we are and that is why at this hard moment, Hass Petroleum stands for the people of South Sudan in the fight against coronavirus”, Ahmed said.

Ahmed challenged the rest of the business communities in the country to join the government in the fight against coronavirus.

He said it was not time to make profit but to give back to the community.

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