Has fighting lost its borders and importance?

By Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

Everything in this life is only useful and meaningful if it has a border and perhaps, a specific little or relatively big area of influence. Education, in my view, is meaningful because it is not achieved by all and should it therefore, be achieved by all, we will have other important things to use as a measure of strength and sound-mindedness. This is yet to happen but if it does, we will see that effect taking a bold shape.

Now, people will wonder if fighting has borders and if truly, it has, what are these borders? Certainly, in fighting, there must be a border. This border is on the basis of who fights who and for what reason. The kind of person you fight with must necessarily have distinct, from your interests, wants and beyond. Distinction in interests is a border in itself. This makes your fight meaningful and perhaps, reasonable because you are fighting against someone who may, in one way or another, wish to deprive you of your rights to live, eat and be peaceful. Others do not feel happy seeing their neighbors enjoying these things and thus, they tend to distract them from enjoying. The other side retaliates and this becomes what is termed as fighting. The form of fighting is of less consideration in this case but the fact is, there is a proper reason for the fight.

Take for instance, liberation wars such as the SPLA phenomenon of 1983-2005. Racial and religious discrimination are elements that any human would fight against. Contrary they are to godly ways of living, it is never punishable fighting against them because they are a man’s creation. God is against them and interestingly, he can use you to fight for and against any person downplaying with his laws. John, the prophet of God means this when he says, and I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse: and he that sat upon him [was] called faithful and true, and in righteousness, he doth judge and make war, Revelation chapter 19 and verse number 11.

However, there is this rare and ethically unfounded issue of our country. The issue of fighting even when there should be only one interest-nation building in the hearts of all the people. We fought for freedom and to have control over our own affairs but unfortunately, after the win, there is still a fight. A brother is turning against brother, sister against sister. This is so devastating and an indicating factor that somewhere and somewhen, something is wrong. Fight might have lost its borders but why? You and I have this question to answer.

Like Saul’s leadership our leadership is. And just as Saul was supposed to change his ways and do the needed, our leaders should act or else, the nation will continue to face the rough side of this life. Human nature is inherently good or unpromising. Certainly, it is always up to the person to choose between these two. I have chosen the good. Choose yours but remember our choices can greatly impact this country.

With good, one is able to see who [what] is worth fighting with [against]? In other words, this kind of people understand that oneness and interests should always be considered before waging a war. How many and powerful are they? Few and less immune to the power of the otherwise. I doubt its inner sourcing and existence.

If, in one way or another, there is an external source of our problem, we should unite and with power, wipe out and make powerless over us this external destabilizing agent. And my Oblongata tells me this agent is the reason behind our baseless fight. Fighting has, in this part of the world, lost its borders because of him and not on the basis of our interests.

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