Harmony Medical Center is an alternative to eradicate diseases

By Francis Aguek Madut

In the history of humanity, hospitals are health care institutions providing treatment with specialized staff and good equipment. A general hospital is best type since it is provided with emergency department. Specialized hospitals include trauma centers, rehabilitation hospitals children hospitals, disabled hospitals centers are provided with outpatient department, inpatient department and some chronic treatment units.

That mean individuals are born with certain basic rights of which one is the right to health. Despite advances in science and technology, today the desired level of health care services cannot be provided.

And in this line, the above mentioned hospital called Harmony medical center had a recent researches show that evidence-based practices should be prioritized and actively used in hospitals in order to provide a qualified health service. The hospital will be doing the wonderful work to the people if it is going to be opened.

As in every unit, of the Harmony medical center, the importance of evidence-based application is increasing day by day in surgical in units or wards. The hospital emphasized that the members of surgical teams such as nurses as well as doctors, technicians, etc. should be in cooperation in order to be able to use evidence based applications effectively, especially in surgical units and to achieve the desired goals.

And for that matter, the Harmony medical center which is located in Jebel area will kick out diseases and sickness in the country if it is going to continue of providing proper treatment to the people of the Republic of South Sudan. Having qualified doctors, nurses, technicians and good equipment will automatically qualified it to be the best hospital in the country and again competitive in the region.

With all these, the hospital will be capable of giving out the best treatment to the community through evidence-based practices which I can see as a part of service delivery in order to increase the quality and standard of care provided in surgical units, standardize care, minimized complications, accelerate recovery. To reduce hospital stay and health care delivery costs and increase patient safety and satisfaction.

It is possible to achieve these goals by making arrangements for the system, eliminating the lack of knowledge of the health care professionals and ensuring cooperation with team members. The Harmony medical center will achieve its goals since it is having good facilities for example oxygen generators, life supporting machines and among others.

The principle of getting information science to acquire and analyze health data has been essential. Their leadership headed by a medical doctor called Doctor Daniel madit made this work possible. Their work of building such hospital was in collaboration with foreign hospitals hence the best doctors, nurses and technicians will be brought from abroad to come and help the lives of the people of the Republic of South Sudan. It is a good decision and moves to build such good hospital as a strategy and mechanism to deal with diseases in the country.

Conclusion: Patients with previous chronical diseases or short illness issues may foster the manifestations and they will know about the danger of indication compounding and serious inpatients with illness and should zero in on the avoidance and early consideration of all diseases in the country. Community should be encouraged to build so many private hospitals as much as possible such as to reduce this rampant death and also use their private hospitals as a way of getting income because privates are individuals own for commercial purpose and also serving many lives of common people. The government to support good businessmen that have self-esteem and integrity who are ready to serve the lives of the people this country by awarding them with contracts to build many hospitals in order to provide treatment to the people. The businessmen or traders we need are the ones who give back to the community by deliver service to the community. In short the work Bona Bol Bol the owner of Harmony Medical center has really impressed me because the services its hospital will provide to people of this nation. I would like other traders to do the same in order to build our country together and and eradicate diseases and sickness out of south Sudan.

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