Harmonize (File photo)

By Mandela Nelson Denis

The Matatizo singer Harmonize from Tanzania will set foot in Juba today for the first time ahead of his show on Saturday.

The singer famous for his happy birthday song and many other hits is the guest artist for the grand opening of the Space Lounge on the 22nd of June.

Promoter K2 aka Koryom Kuol told Juba Monitor that Harmonize requested to come to South Sudan two days before the show so that he can tour around the city.

“Harmonize will be in Juba today because he told us that he wants to get time to tour around the city and among places he is eager to visit is the Nile that passes Juba city and generally the beauty of Juba city,” K2 said.

There are also preparations for the Tanzanian singer to do music collaboration with some South Sudanese musicians. His early coming will avail him the chance to interact with South Sudanese artists,” K2 added.

The rest of the artists such as Dr. Jose Chameleon and Weasel will be arriving in Juba on Friday ahead of the most anticipated Saturday event.





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