Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When our team was preparing for last week-meet with Harmonize who later harmonized Juba to dawn, I was tempted to be in the group and informed my boss the Editor in Chief of the same. The iron lady looked at me and laughed, telling me “yaba you are out of time” in fact l had asked her to be present since Juba Monitor was among the official sponsors of the live show. Before then, the Tanzanian musician had taken a bit of his time to visit our premises and interacted with a number of our colleagues. His first impression was a bit wanting but as a host we took time to give him the best. But I am told he was impatient because he wanted action which was to be the following day. And then that day came, and a team led by our News Editor, Jale Richard plus was there to wade it throughout the night. Going by the photos from the show was obvious that the young and fans of the musician had a field day. They enjoyed according to the aftermath where hang-overs and tiresome look explained the whole scenario. The local artists who backed-up the show were equally impressive and a lot needed to be done to promote their talents across the borders. What impressed most were the patriotic songs meant to impact on the youth who are the future leaders. The songs mostly sent messages of peace. In the show, there were no ethnic connotations. Although l did not attend in the wee hours of the evening and the look on Mandela Nelson’s eyes as one of the co-organizers put me off, telling “Yaba this is not a place for you” the look was all that l needed to tell our pilot Mike to take off the venue. Indeed what impressed me was that with such organized activities bringing the youth together, this country will soon make a mark of erasing tribalism and ethnicity. There should be constant and regular meetings and gathering of different group of young people to help bring to end hostilities that have been prevalent in the past. The country is healing from these past causes and the need for peaceful co-existence is of paramount of the well-being of the country. The youth constitute the largest number in the total population. They have to take care of the future of the country. This they can only do with solid unity and togetherness. These shows which brings the future generation together must be encouraged and supported by the public and private sectors. One thing however, is that we all must pray for peace to prevail in all parts of the country. In our prayers, l would wish also to request for special prayers for my mother, Priscilla Obiero Odoyo, aged 89 years old who was admitted and being discharged from hospital bed today. Mama will remain strong in the name of our creator, the heavenly father. It is all her wishes that we all enjoy peace and let peace be with you all.

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