Hard work does not pay within a day

By: Ngor Khot Garang

Since the world came to existence, a lot of things have been changed and many inventions have been made to simplify life.

These things have taken good number of years for them to be completed. They did not happen within a day and some of the successful people today did not make it overnight.

Patience even when it is of needle’s size pays a lot. You do not have to be in haste to get what you want out of life.

It sometimes seems far when it is truly near. I don’t blame because we want immediate changes in our lives but I suggest we wait even when the pace is slow.

Many people today are so confused as to why their labor is not yielding good results as fast as they had planned.

However, many people that I believe would have been the most successful had they held onto what they were doing gave up from the day they first tried and nothing worked out.

We simply believe that the harder we work the easier things gets which is obviously untrue.

Life does not give you a price within a day and you should know that from today.

There is no bargain with life; it is a long process that involves a lot of failures and little successes.

We cannot sow today and expect to reap the fruit at the same time. It can never be. The seed has to mature and this takes a very good span of time.

And when you give up just because things are hard or the road is thorny that is when you will eventually lose.

There is no easy life.  For one o change the course of his life, he/she has to go through some difficulties and long suffering no matter how long it takes.

The need to work things out very fast is the desire of every one but we are not machines.

It doesn’t work that way. Life is a sad story and you don’t have to lose everything just because things are not going well. You have to make it a little meaningful because when you do, someone who is lost will find the reason to believe that things can change.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been waiting what you have to accomplish for years. I actually don’t know much but I believe as long as you are still chasing that dream.  You will surely bring forth good results.

The world with its eyes wide open is gazing at you and who cares if you give in at the last moment. The decision to continue is all upon you and I think it is the right choice because the problems of this world are too many and they cannot be solved within a day.

You have to put in much effort; ask your God to give you good health and patiently wait for the results are going to be positive even when life beats you to your knees.

You get up, remain strong and believe that one day you will surely get to your target no matter what it takes or what it has cost you

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