Odongo Odoyo

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With Odongo Odoyo

Walking down memory lane remembering that day in December 2011 to date is like yesterday but it has had its good and bad on the way up. This day today that year the doyen of journalism, the late Alfred Taban and others came up to launch Juba Monitor which has now walked steadily for nine solid years without a break. Whatever the challenges, this newspaper has been consistent in informing, educating, and entertaining the general public which is the chore value of any media house. It is not for us to drum beat the chest but it is for the public to see and understand the transformation which the paper has undergone in the last four or so years. Like any independent media should be. My Editor In Chief, Anna Nimiriano, has had her own tale to tell but has never given up trying to mold the institution which she has served with honesty, dedication and truth of trust as she creates the existence of Juba Monitor family. Her cherished pride is that those who have passed or gone through this newspaper in whichever position are doing better outside there and are recognized because of the professional bringing up in Juba Monitor. The challenges within the media industry have not deterred the growth and expansion as this is the only local newspaper that enjoys the clout of the region with offices in Kampala and Nairobi. Before coronavirus hit the world, there were well placed plans to venture in Khartoum media market where it all started before the rescission when this paper was known by the name Khartoum Monitor. There were intensions to discover more regional markets. It is said that patience pays, this walk has not been easy with thorns here and there, but the stewardship of Namibian with the stable and competent board of directors the sign of going far beyond is obvious with open market positive competition and market strategies. The sky is the limit as we also venture into high placed technologies to put Juba Monitor in the world map and to go beyond the normal norms. We are ready whether old or young to ensure the success of this newspaper with the current and future staff. Nothing should prevent us from this noble mission which is meant to help develop the media industry in the country. Friends out there this is where we are headed to and those who think otherwise, it is time to join the management of Juba Monitor to succeed. Nine years of providing or of service delivery is not a pancake but is a journey one must prepare for. Just like the vision and mission which have been laid ahead of us. Let us walk the talk positively. Happy Ninth Anniversary Juba Monitor.    

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