Happy for the transition by the University of Juba

By: Agar Mayor Gai

In life, moving from one point to another thing is the hardest thing to do to most people; be it students, educational institutions, political leaders or the business. However, this country has last weekend, for almost the first time, seen and witnessed one character of a successful nation. 

It is true that there are many things of which if a nation such as South Sudan does not have, the word success becomes rather an illusion; we would be saying it on the streets and wherever but in real sense, not a single success is seen and exercised. One of such things is when the educational institutions of a country have the ability and aptitude to bring up well the students of a nation.

And it should be mentioned that for a good number of years since our independence, the institutions have suffered numerous setbacks and difficulties. One could double the years of his or her diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate studies in the public universities such as Juba University.

We had not the strict following of the educational policies. This almost gone fact produced the corrupt, tribalists and a few currently letting our nation down. Was this not a deep failure? Surely it was; even as we speak, the produce of the then system still have an impact necessarily of negative nature, then why won’t we term it a deep failure? It actually was.

And luckily enough, the educational sector for this nation is almost awakened. The event of Saturday last week is a sure indication of a new dawn to the educational sector where the students, lecturers and the university administrators would work hand in hand to solve their respective challenges for the common good of all people of this country.

The government through its head also registered their commitment to lifting up high the name of this country through public universities. This commitment, if not spoken and be taken by wind as of the routine, would really change the students in a way that when later placed in public positions, they would not act the other way; the lecturers would be the ones teaching these positive nation changing directives and principles.

The Saturday’s graduation ceremony has become one of the first steps for the effectiveness of the principles of nation building. But how justifiable is that? For those whose relatives, friends or friends of friends were amongst the graduate students, this event is the first step to a positive transition in the educational sector and the public service at large. I am one of those who have pictured the changes both now and to be in the educational sector through a relative. The sister-like cousin, Deborah Adol Yom Gai since the attainment of her undergraduate degree from the University of Juba in the year 2016, has not in any way, taken back her family. But instead, she has worked ethically as the laws of our country demand. And she has helped her relatives such as myself to at least realize, though not the end, the real path to academic and later life excellence.

Again this year, she has attained a Master’s degree measuring in International Relations and surely, she has moved a step more remarkably productive and peace bringing than for 2016. From this perspective, of a blood relative and who also doubles as a produce of the University of Juba, I can and will ever conclude that the University of Juba, has made a positive transition in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

Additionally, the fact that new colleges such as of Mathematics and of Petroleum have now been introduced at the University of Juba is another indication of a progressive educational system. But again, if the issue of having competent lecturers is still unsolved, we would not produce the right academics for this nation. How do able lecturers come? It is through sufficient financial motivation; where their personal and family needs are satisfied.

Lack of financial motivation for lectures is still a big challenge and an obstacle to the effectiveness of our educational policies. The announcement by the Information Minister a few months ago is yet to have a position. I wonder why it is taking longer than expected. I wonder why things to do with reforms in educational sector take long to be effected.

If this nation wants to see light of peace, unity, success and prosperity, education must be the priority and not arms that claim lives of a brother or sister. With independence, the arms should be of less use.

This article is a dedication to a sister-like cousin Deborah Adol Yom Gai for her Master’s degree achievement and also others from the same University and those whose works have shaped their families and this nation respectively in one way or another.

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