Happy feast to you all

By Anna Nimiriano

Dear readers of Juba Monitor, welcome back after having three days holiday for the feast of Eid Al Adha for our Muslim brothers all over the world. I hope everybody enjoyed it where Muslim and Christians celebrated it together. Many people talked on how it was celebrated during those years compared to the current celebrations. It was very interesting to hear the background information. Muslims distributed meat to some people in their areas. Many people said they ate meat given to them by their neighbors who are Muslims. I think that was good, because enjoyed eating meat, once in a year for a while is good.  Some organizations donated sheep and cows for the Muslims to be shared with neighbors and friends. In the past, there were traditional dances, organized by the Muslim community especially for the celebrations. I hope in some areas people danced in peaceful manner to reflect the happiness on those three days. I am happy to hear that there were no serious accidents or bad things that might have happened within these days. It was not reported; let us know in your area how you celebrated it. Otherwise it would be difficult to know in each area how people celebrated. In my area, there was nothing that happened; it was only that funeral in my neighbor that was natural. May be some people have the same situation in their areas. Of course you cannot stoop people to die even during the big event. Dead is natural, all of us will die if time comes. If you have a group of robbers in your area or a group of gunmen who attacked you at night, then that was unfortunate.

Several people talked about sustainable peace in the country. They said if there was sustainable peace, people would move to some states, visit relatives and friends as part of the celebrations. Coming together for celebrations as people of one country is a good sign of relationships between Christians and Muslims. In Khartoum during those years, when we were still united Sudan, Christians and Muslims celebrated any feast of Muslim together. If it was Ramadan, Christians celebrated together, especially in the areas where the majority of the population was Muslims.

Those who experienced it in Khartoum can remember how it was done and its impact for the Muslims and Christians communities.

For those who are still in the mood of celebrations, yesterday was the last day, today everybody is expected to resume work normally.

Happy Eid Al Adha, May God bless us all.


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