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Happy Eid Al Adhar Mubarak

Anna Nimiriano Editor in Chief Juba Monitor

Muslims all over the world are celebrating Eid AlAdhar Mubarak, it is an important celebration for the faith, and other groups are expected to join them. In this celebration of Eid Al Adhar, Muslims come together and share meals with neighbors and other denominations.

For those who planned well, they would buy sheep, goats and cows to be slaughtered and the meat shared with neighbors. It created unity among Muslims and neighbors in the areas. In South Sudan, it has been a good celebration every year; people exchange visit and share meals with neighbors who are Muslims.

It is celebration of peace and unity; Muslims always wish happy Eid and peace to the people of South Sudan. During these days, women are very busy preparing services for visitors who come to share meals with them.

Every Muslim is expected to celebrate event well without any problem of insecurity. The celebration is seen in the area where Muslims are many. You will see people are moving including children in the streets enjoying themselves. They put on new clothes, shoes, and more for special children. For them to celebrate happy Eid, it is to have everything new. It is their right to wear new things to make them happy, because it is a feast of happiness. In the states the celebration will not be like in the city, may be in the area where there are a numbers of Muslims brothers and sisters. It depends in the states that have many Muslim, for the reasons that majority of people in South Sudan are Christians.

Muslims are minority, majority of them live in City like Juba for fear of places that have no adequate security.

 I don’t know whether there is celebration taking place like in Juba and other big town within the country. I wish this Eid would bring total peace in the country and unity among Muslims and Christians. People will celebrate in peace and prosperity.

There is nothing than being in peace and stability in the country. Wish you happy Eid Al Adhar Mubarak.

May God bless us all.

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