A foot for thought

Happy Easter to you all

By Anna Nimiriano

Last Sunday was 21st of April, it was Easter Sunday; people all over the world celebrated and remembered the suffering and the death of Jesus Christ on the cross. The celebration depends from country to country and how much people understood the meaning of Easter in a particular and individual’s church. At Saint Theresa Cathedral Kator, thousands of people gathered rejoicing for the Lord had raised from the dead. It is our belief that Jesus Christ has risen and indeed he has risen. His Grace Paulino Lukudu Loro, Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Juba said Easter meant Jesus Christ had conquered the dead for a new life.

When people sing the Lord’s Songs, they are looking for the answer of Easter. When we are looking for Him it means we are looking for peace for ourselves.  The rise of our Lord Jesus Christ was a great day to all of us who believed in Him.  Jesus died to save us from the sins we had committed; it is our mission to carry the message of Christ to our people.  We are following Jesus because we want to go to Heaven with Him. After death he went back to heaven as it was written in the bible. The resurrection of Jesus is a new life to Christians in the world. It has opened a way for us in heaven and peace on earth. If you want to go to heaven, Jesus will open for you the way Bishop Loro explained.

Jesus died to renew our life; on the other hand, resurrection means renewal.  Let us renew our faith, ask forgiveness with the sins we have committed in our country.  We are looking for peace, where is the problems, let us find out on Easter day Bishop Loro stated.  Bishop said Catholic Church is 100 years in faith, is renewing its faith and preparing for Centenary celebration on the First of November this year.  If we follow Jesus Christ we can find peace that we are looking for in our country Bishop Loro said. He further said people should pray for rain to begin from yesterday up to Wednesday , tomorrow.  

  On Thursday, according to the Catholic Church tradition, in the morning hours; Bishops of all dioceses gathered together with the priests to renew faith in Jesus Christ. In the evening, it was the last supper where Jesus ate with his disciples and washed their feet.

On Holy Friday, Reverent Father Thomas Igga, the parish priest of St Theresa, said Jesus was crucified because of corruption and bad things that happening in the world. In our country there are many bad things tha happened let us put them in the cross of Jesus. It is to remember the many times Jesus suffered, was crucified on the cross, died and buried.  Easter was celebrated after Christians fasted for 40 days.  We have to forgive and reconcile with one another.  There is nothing we can do to ourselves than forgive our enemy.     

 It is also an opportunity for the people of South Sudan to put all outstanding issues hindering the progress of peace implementation in the cross of Jesus.  God will make his miracles to change the hearts of people of this country. To do the right things that will open ways for development in the country. Let us continue praying and ask forgiveness with the sins we have committed before God.  

May God bless us.

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