Odongo Odoyo

By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

As the people of Christian faith celebrate the day when the only son of God was betrayed, humiliated and nailed on the cross to death, we as contributors of this paper acknowledge all the people who have stood with us through thick and thin. We promise to always be there for you until the end. As a writer, you are not always right. You write and leave the public to judge. You make friends and enemies in equal measure. In some instances, if the gods are not happy, you can easily be hanged by a single sentence or word. Nonetheless, you still find time to write. There is no doubt, we have wronged many people in this journey and have been disappointed by others too. That is life but who are we not to forgive others?  For Christ’s sake, this is a time to self-reflect and forgive those who have wronged us in the past.  The Christ, having been the son of God was stabbed in the back by his close friend. Jesus had all the powers to destroy Iscariot but he humbled himself and took the risk and died to save humanity including a man who betrayed him. This is pure love in its entirety. Jesus told us in the Bible to follow his footsteps for a better world. We cannot solve the problems of the world by choosing to pay evil with evil. It is good for evil and forgiveness. When the man, Nelson Mandela was released after years in prison, the first thing he did was to forgive those who jailed him. He was so sure that if he does not forgive those people, he would still be in prison forever. I don’t want you to be Jesus but if someone punches you in the face, turn the other one and if still insists on doing so, then run away. That person will be ashamed of his action. There is this interesting story of a rabbit and a lion.  The rabbit after having an argument with a lion finally decided to forgive the lion.  As funny as it is, even if the rabbit didn’t forgive lion, nothing would happen. As a citizen, you have to put yourself in the shoes of a lion and forgive those people below you because even if they forgive you or not, it won’t matter. An elephant that starts a fight with a rat would be considered mad. Happy Easter to you all our readers.

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