Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When l woke up, my phone was full with messages and being a Sunday without a church to go to, I was wondering in my dream world why so many messages as a waded through the imagined thickest to the office. It is a routine that has become part of me that we are expected to work on this day reserved for the almighty. This jargon called journalism is categorized in the essential service docket. So it is a must doing unless one want to cause “information blackout.” I am beyond doing that, the reason why as usual, I was on my way to my daytime hibernation den where the usual team would meet to give the readers worldwide their preferred news. I was going through the messages and out of the 20 which I had opened, 12 were sent from my family members with my wife and children taking the lead with bold inscriptions of “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY.” Old age, I had forgotten all these days marked for this or that occasions because I seems to be running against time and with this dreaded pandemic called coronavirus, there was something to worry about. After being reminded by my loved one, I want to take this opportunity to send by belated (yesterday) message to all fathers who are alive and those who left us like my late father Peter Odoyo or the British- Burma Second World War. Without whom the Odoyos’ could not have been shaped this far and to their present standard. I am for fathers who have brought into being their families to modern and present understanding of the world. I do know that father alone cannot succeed without a better half who also understand his and her family value. In this context, I have to value both Peter and Mama Priscilla for what they did in our lives. I am here to remind fathers that they are the corner stone and firm foundation of a family which is built through their guidance. It therefore for them to work hard and ensure the world remained a peaceful place to be in with or without difficulties. I am sure that if all fathers agreed to collectively face the world and work towards its betterment, then even our opposite sex will follow suit, bring up a better and formidable families that would shape the destiny of the world with the hope and expectation, that no more war or conflicts and even no more coronavirus will come out to disturb the prevailing situation. This world can be a better place if only man-kind, particularly, men came to realize how much they could do to have a peaceful and harmonized environment. Time is now and fathers should know that they stand a test of time to make sure that their off-springs lived happily thereafter. It is a test all of us fathers must sit to pass. Happy Belated Fathers’ Day.

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