By Ngor Khot Garang [Guest]

There is an English word I have failed to understand not until I humbled myself to really get what it means. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which a large quantity of food is consumed in a short period of time, often followed by feelings of guilt or shame. This is an emotional disorder in which a person repeatedly eats too much food and then forces him or herself to vomit the same food. Let us reverse the word and look at what is happening in Unity State. The man who happened to be the governor had recently pardoned some inmates giving way for peace and a demonstration of forgiveness. Of course, if we don’t forgive those who have wronged us in the past, we will be in slavery forever. The thing took a wrong turn now for the governor and who knows what has been happening behind the scene? There were calls heard from a distance about certain protests and some young people disguised as activists calling on the governor to relinquish power saying the leader has failed to act as horrific atrocities are being committed under his watch. On the other far end, cries have been heard, people have been pronounced dead and gunshots have been heard. And the dangerous smell of gunpowder suffocating the people. Now we cannot understand which one is which. The governor is one man and calling upon his resignation will not help in the situation nor will it bring back those whose innocent lives have been shed? The public should see the governor beyond the problem and look for the root cause of the problems. It would have made sense at least if these protests had used their voices to call upon the national government to put an end to the continued killing in the state. The removal of the governor will not help in the situation and it adds nothing to the perpetuation of the same situation. It is great to identify injustice and call the perpetrators to pay for it but each day, South Sudanese have been failed by their government and they have not called upon the same government to step down. Sometimes the solution to every problem is not to blame but to see where a solution lies and you go for it.  We have been in this blame game for years and it has done us more harm than good. 

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