Hagiga Wahid peace training starts in Juba

By Wek Atak Kacjang

Civil Empowerment Peace Organization (CEPO) has started training on Hagiga Wahid peace building in Juba.

The organization trains the youth on how to mitigate harmful effect of misinformation in community and play key roles in peace process.

John Green, the program Manager said they were training the youth to become community peace ambassadors.

“It is a kind of agents and the most important things in Hagiga project is to ensure that we are networking and build trust,” he said.

“We also train them on how to report accurate information through use of mobile phones because our ongoing training promotes keen observation and attention to detail reporting,” Green said.

According to him, the youth are taught to compile and retain meaningful and relevant information, so ensure that Hagiga Wahid can act on reliable information,” he said.

He reiterated that if anything happens in the area the agents will send them the information on phone and the organization will call the police to rescue the community.

“Hagiga Wahid also supports community ambassador to develop their skills in cultural adaptation so that they can be able to work with people from diverse cultural geographical back grounds,” Green stressed.

CEPO states Manager, Taban Silvio said after the training they would launch registration code in case of any incident the vultures will able to send text message.

“We are going to inform communities after we completed the training.  The project is meant to serve communities as well as the human element in humanitarian communication network,” he said.


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