HAGANA festival to promote peace

Anataban team in a group photo after the press conference at Nyakuron

By Mandela Nelson Denis

HAGANA festival, an event that aims at showing out South Sudanese different talents and creativities is due to take place on Saturday at Nyakuron Cultural Centre.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an exclusive interview, Jacob Bul Bior the Media Coordinator of Anataban Arts and Initiative said that, HAGANA simply means, “It’s ours”.

He said they want to promote the culture of peaceful coexistence among the citizens through arts and music.

“We are encouraging the youth to take ownership of the country and do whatever they can, for the betterment of this country. This country belongs to everyone and we should do all we can do to promote peace and coexistence,” Bior said.

He said the purpose of the Festival is to bring all the youth of South Sudan together, to show their different talents and creativities they possess.

“We expect people to learn something from this Festival because there are many people outside there who are talented and creative but they need to be encouraged,” Bior said.

The festival is being organized by Anataban and is set to feature musical performances from music legends such as Emmanuel Kembe, Gen. Paulino, Coozo’s clan, Crazy Fox, Cj Oman and many other musicians.

Comedians such as Feel Free, Wokili, Ziko and VIP are also confirmed to crack jokes on the day. There will also be fashion display by Winnie G fashion, Alex Fashions and Akuch.

Bior said several traditional South Sudanese arts and crafts shall be sold at the festival.

HAGANA festival is set to be an annual event, that aims at bringing South Sudanese together to remind them of the roles they can play to develop the country, according to Bior the initiator of the programme.

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