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Gurei Block five residents decry lack of school in the area

By Yiep Joseph

Residents in Gurei Block five decried lack of school and called on the gov’t to build a school in the area in order to enroll their children at affordable fees.

While addressing the media during one-day training for women held in Gurei yesterday, Luka Sebit Galaliya,  are a leader called on the gov’t to build at least a primary school for the block.

“Our children are suffering; we need at least one school to be built here in our block this can help most of us who have little money to enroll our children,” Sebit said.

He called on the government to help the people suffering in Gurei 

“my message is that we residents of Gurei block five really need help, we are really suffering; no power, water and school,” he complained.

“There are some of us who drink water from the nearby streams due to lack of borehole in the area,

“It gives us hard time to get one borehole that we have now and it is not enough, we have a very big number in this area” he emphasized.

He revealed that the top government officials used to pass via the area, but failed to recognize the suffering of the people.

“Even president himself usually pass near us here and he is not aware that we are really suffering, that we have no school, we have no water among other services,” he complained.

He called on the government to construct roads in order to allow movement without difficulty during rainy season.

“The roads here are very poor, we are between two streams and we have no bridge, this makes it very hard to cross to other areas during rainy season,” he revealed.

“It is very hard for our children to go to school, when there is rain. the streams overflow with water and hard for our children to cross to the other side where they school is based,

I called on the government to address our issues, bring for us clean water, build for us the bridge and school for our children” he stressed.

“Iam very happy with the organization that have just trained the women on how to manage their businesses and their families” he mentioned.

Meanwhile Lona Lemi,one of the residents emphasized on the need for government to construct and open affordable school in the area.

“We need government to open for us school that can be affordable for us to enroll our children,” she decried.

“This will help us to take our children to the school with the little money that we have,” Lona said.

“We are suffering paying huge fees to private schools, my children were sent out from class last month due school fees” Lona complained.

“I borrowed a lot of money to pay their school fees and up to now I am still paying back,” she added.

“When there is rain, we really suffer to cross the stream,it is very hard, therefore I called on the government to construct for us the bridge and a primary school for our children” she concluded.

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