The number of guns in wrong hands have become too much and uncontrollable. This scenario is almost going out of hand with unknown gun-men having field day in killing and abducting of innocent people. The latest torture and shooting of the bishop in Rumbek just demonstrates how dangerous these weapons have been turned against the public. There have been cases which have gone unsettled and indeed most cases of shooting to kill or to maim go without trials and the victims remain without justice being in their favour. The program to collect guns or disarmament seems not to be effective and has taken much longer time. Surprisingly, in some areas where the exercise have been carried out, supply of new weapons are still in force. Where from nobody can tell but they are ending up in the wrong hands and being used for criminal activities. The government should monitor and ensure that guns being held illegally are all collected and returned where they belong. The public should be educated that only authorized persons are allowed to carry guns when on duty and not everyone as seems to be the case in and within the general public. Guns are not toys and should not be allowed to be held freely without restriction. Left like that it creates fear and uncertainty in the society. Guns belong to the government security agents and those licensed for security reasons. Not like what is seen here which is turning to be damaging the image of the country and the people. Guns in the wrong hands are very lethal and can cause serious damage to the country. It is time those involved in the disarmament and gun collection be in the forefront of doing their work instead of holding to many unnecessary workshops and seminars which do not yield positive results.

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