Gumbo-Shirkat lawyers ask for re-trial of death sentence

By Bullen Bala Alexander

Kiirdit advocates has appealed for the re-trial of thetwo men who were sentenced to death by hanging over the Sherikat incident which resulted in the killing of six people.

Mr. Ajith JokYor and MalithYuol Deng were sentenced to death by hanging in accordance with the South Sudan penal code.

In a document seen by Juba Monitor,Kiirdit and Advocates Company  handed over  an appeal to the court of appeal to reconsider their argument on the case.

However, when contacted,KiirChol Deng Acuil of the Kiirdit Company Advocates said the judgement and decision of the court was not based on law.

“We are appealing to challenge the decision of the court, because it was not based on the law and that is why we are trying to challenge it according to the law,” he confirmed.

“Yes, we have given our document to the court of appeal and we are waiting from them, praying that the appeal will be allowed, the convictionbe quashed and sentence set aside,” Deng stressed.

Mr. AjithJokYor and MalithYuol Deng have been sentenced by special court for Gumbo Shirkat incidence in which a senior South Sudan People’s Defense  Force (SSPDF) soldier, LualAkokWolKiir, also known as Lual Marine was killed last year.

The defense Lawyers were given fifteen days to appeal their case before the judgment was sent to Supreme Court for confirmations after the fifteen days.

Lual Marine a senior army officer was beaten during the incident and later died in hospital in Juba.

DuopKulangJok the presiding Judge for Gumbo Shirkat incident read the ruling in Juba last week,

The judgment for group “B” of the special court for the GumbaShirkat conflict as conviction for the first and second perpetrator from the day of tension on the 4th of Jun 2020 and third accused on 17th of Jun 2020.

“The first order hangs them by the neck until death for violating provision of Article 48/206 of South Sudan Penal Code act 2008 issued under my hand and the seal of higher court here in Juba this day, the 18th of May 2021,” Judge Kulang reads.

Article 48 of South Sudan penal code talked about act committed by several persons in persistence of common intension, it stated that each person is liable for the act in the same manner as if it were committed by him/her alone.

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