Guinea-worm disease confirmed in Torit State

By James Kabaka Quintous

The focal point person for Guinea-worm in Torit State has confirmed a new case of Guinea-worm disease in Mura-Hatiha Village of Torit East County.

Dr. Mathew Ohitai Ohide told Juba Monitor on Tuesday that a woman was found with the worm in October which was later tested and confirmed in Atlanta America.

“Last month on the 23rd, we had a case of woman named Angelina Ihoto 24 years from Mura-hatiha but a resident of Hidonge Ifura. The worm appeared on her leg on the 23rd October,” he said.

Dr. Ohide added that the case was reported to them by the husband of the victim.

He stressed that staff from World Health Organization went to the house and removed the suspected worm from the woman’s leg.

“It was sent to Juba, then to America in Atlanta and last week it was confirmed that it was a guinea worm case,” Dr. Ohide said.

Dr Ohitai added that the team from Carter Centre has established a center on the ground to monitor new cases

“They have established a camp there so as to check the ponds for drinking in the area every 28 days to be treated,” he said.

Torit East County commissioner Toby Majak Thomas confirmed the presence of Guinea warm in the area since the last case after seven years ago.

He said the team for Guinea worm eradication program team is in Iloli Village of Torit East County to assess the numerous suspected cases.

”So far it is only one case, in Iloli village. They went but did not get any case but they left information for follow up,” he said.

The local official urged health partners to intervene by drilling more boreholes in the County to avoid chances of more spread when the population uses ponds as it is in the current situation.

Guineaworm disease (GWD) is a parasitic infection. A person becomes infected when he/she drinks water that contains water fleas infected with guinea worm larvae. Initially there are no symptoms. About one year later, the female worm forms a painful blister in the skin, usually on a lower limb.

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