Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

When my friend walked in the office on Friday morning last week, the man looked out of reach with reality and seems to have been out of touch with human being. He looked so confused and frustrated. I had never seen him like this before and new how strong will he was. Simple things did not worry or bother him. But this time around he was caught between the spider and the web. All because of a relationship gone sour. It was not his intention but he did not know that it could reach that far. He had provided everything the friend required even offered to ensure present and future was maintained to their satisfaction, not knowing that his relationship was timing him and wanted more than what he had planned and put into thinking. Surely we live in an predictable world that can turn around to be something else in a second. This is what happened when that morning two heavily built “gentlemen” walked into his room or house demanding to know who he was and why he was with that lady who was not his wife. They did not introduce themselves but only said they were security officers whether from police, army or which unit was not clear. This is where my friend like many others who are silent have problems. This where he told me that since Yaba you are in the media you can ask the security hierarchy to at least provide a 24 hours call line that the general public can use when confronted with such cases. Yaba l can tell you that there are so many people who are suffering without knowing how to handle their issues. As long as someone goes to police station and open a case or just reported you to his or her friends, then you consider yourself guilty as reported but not guilty as charged which is normally what is required by the law of the land. This is the scenarios many people are faced with by those taking the laws into their own hands without following the forces code of conducts and their oath of allegiance. I was so sympathetic with my friend but so angry that he could be subjected to such treatements by those claiming to be officers of the law who took oath of office to protect all and sundries. It cannot be the other way around. The top offices of the police, army, national security and other are manned with people with high morale and integrities. They have taken stern measures to those found violating the code of ethic. The top hierarchies have time and again informed the public to report any wrong-doing by their officers in public or in social set ups. What is needed to help them know are the rotten eggs in their midst should only come out when they provide the call line that will be manned by their trusted personnel who are ready to come out to such occasion to save the public from wayward officers. It is this that will also make them get the right information at the right time before something wrong is done to the victims. The public needs this with assurance to be heard.

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