Guidelines set ahead of schools reopening

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The Health Ministry has recommended roughly seven coronavirus health guidelines ahead of schools resumption soon.

Last week, the technical committee tasked with reopening of schools said they were working out resumption schedules as government has declared schools’ reopening.

However, in a weekly coronavirus briefing on Sunday, the health officials disclosed that they have so far recommended seven measures ahead of official recommencement.

According to the health officials, the guidelines would act as directives for schools’ operations during the coronavirus period.

The recommended guidelines include disinfection of schools, setting up washing facilities at respective learning institutions, mandatory wearing of masks, obtaining thermal scanner by each school, social distancing as well as strengthening referral system on reporting should any student becomes sick with coronavirus likes symptoms later.

However, the final guideline is training of teachers on how to deal with students upon reopening.

Dr. Angelo Goup Thon, the Chief of Operations for COVID-19 at the Ministry of Health who is also a member of the committee said the decided measures would enhance response during the schools operations.

“We are engaged with the Ministries of Education, both General and higher education as well as Ministry of Environment to fully prepare before reopening,” he explained.

The health official said they continuously participate on regular preparedness meetings to pave ways for full resumption.

“Before schools reopen, we would have some measures in place, otherwise bringing children to one place can really be source of enhancing the spread of COVID-19,” he said.

He said the prioritized training will address issues related to stigma should any student be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Dr. Angelo disclosed that they were working hard as health authorities to monitor and give health directives where necessary before reopening.

“The Ministry of Health is monitoring the process from planning phase to implementation phase, and we will continue to advise the public on the status of what happens as the schools reopen later,” he concluded.

Dr. Thuou Loi, the official Spokesperson of the Ministry of Health said schools’ reopening official date was yet to be decided in the course.

“We are engaged with the Ministries of Education and in this regard; we will communicate the reopening date soon,” he stated.

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