Gubernatorial candidates will never forget Coronavirus.

By Malek Arol Dhieu.

It was three months back the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (RT-GoNU) was formed, while the government was preparing to allocate states to parties’ signatories to the agreement in time, the merciless Coronavirus suddenly arrived at the country, delaying everything including livings. The government mindset and that of other parties completely turned to Coronavirus ignoring state government formation and other unfinished issues. States allocation, though done, is still controversial between the two major warring parties. When states were allocated, gubernatorial candidates found a chance to launch their manifestos to the appointing and the recommending authorities. Modes of lobbying for a position have changed a little a bit, nowadays it requiring finances and courtship with the intent to solicit a favor. There are different commencements depending on what the lobbyist desires. Others begin by approaching the appointing authority’s wife with or without a handful. This approach is successful since women are persuasive but creates a lot of doubt as today’s men are very lustful. Some bribe go-between to either shepherd them to the appointing authority or recommend them. A go-between may be an appointing authority’s relative or a person of his interest working in the government. I have been beating around the bush, now permit me to say many of the political lobbyists either bribe the appointing or have an agreement to honor later on as long as they serve. All these approaches are tedious and wasteful that’s why losing a position is usually followed by a rebellion or death as resources paid as quid pro quo will have nothing to expect in return. This act has diminished competency so much that a competent person finds it a waste to lobby according to his or her competency and capabilities. This favors rich lobbyists but prevent poor gifted lobbyists from getting such positions. As long as Coronavirus continues to affect government decisions, this concomitantly tortures Gubernatorial Candidates as it has created an atmosphere of unrest for them. They think that yesterday’s discussion with the appointing authority (for the few who manage to get him) or somebody close to him has faded away or might have been counteracted by my opponent last night, hence, there is a need to revisit him today. Another thought may be an amount I paid yesterday might have been overridden by my opponent during my days of absence.  All this is silently disturbing Gubernatorial Candidates. They wish Coronavirus should end soon so that the state government gets formed. No problem, continue wishing it so that God hears your wishes. Supporters of Gubernatorial Candidates are on the other hand getting tired of anxiety. As politics changes day by day, supporters intermingle in search for an information to know which Candidate is potential so that they get closer to him. This is usually practiced by political prostitutes who do not get settled amongst politicians as politics has no permanent supporters and enemy. I urge the national government to relief them soon.

Lobbying for a position in the national government is honorable compared to that of the state government where political lobbyists almost sleep in the appointing’s resident. Politics in the defunct states was very funny before they were reverted to ten states. Taking towns nearer to people meant taking government closer to people. Anybody who got a chance to meet the Governor never left him minus lobbying for a position. It was so funny in the sense that people of lower calibres could just lobby for positions and began to behave as if they would be announced later in the evening.  One lobbyist for Commissionership had an appointment with the Governor. He was seated and asked to give his manifestos. Surprisingly, while fiddling he told the Governor that he had explained everything to his wife (Governor’s) and that she would be the right person to update you. As politics is a nice game, the Governor did not persuade him to talk sense, however, he began another different tricky topic in which the lobbyist participated fully. This topic was all about propaganda and causes of communal conflicts in which he sweet-talked without realizing that the Boss was testing him. I’m happy that states were reverted to ten states so that local lobbyists choose between remaining local and sacrificing little resources to travel to state headquarters to meet the appointing authority which will require them a month or so to get the Governor. This will restore our lost dignities and add weighs to states politics. Counties Commissioners by then were unable to sponsor their own children in primary levels leave alone other children who are far off, but now once appointed, will be able to sponsor even university students. Movements of Commissioners between counties will be free as current counties are well demarcated. Coronavirus seems to take long and issues to do with the state government formation need not to be discussed on phone but on face-face discussion when the concerned authorities gain back their health.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

He can be reached at malengaroldit@gmail.com or +211922332811.

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