Green Hope association orphanage gets food items and clothes

Homeless children of Green Hope Association Orphanage receive food and clothes from Ms. Adut Lueth Mony Deng (L). (Photo by: Oyiti Pernyang).

By: Oyiti Pernyang

The homeless children of Green hope association orphanage got food items and clothes donated by Street Children and Orphans Charity Organization (SCOCO) in Juba.

Ms Adut Lueth Mony Deng the coordinator of Street Children and Orphans Charity Organization (SCOCO) said that the organization was founded specifically to help homeless children in South Sudan, she said that they believe that being a homeless child doesn’t mean the end of life; these children will be great people in the future. “This is our second visit here, these children lacked clothes and food when we made our first visit here that’s why we brought these food items and clothes to help them,” she lamented. She also added that they are also supporting another orphanage in Gumbo and that the organization is looking forward to extend its operations across the other states of South Sudan, “our charitable work will not only end here in Juba, but we are going to extent our work country wide” she added. “ We also do face challenges towards executing our jobs due to lack of funds, that’s why we are calling upon our government and UNICEF to put hands together with us in order to help these homeless children,” she urged. She also called upon parents to avoid neglecting their children; she said that children are the most vulnerable people who need protection, education and basic needs.

Mr. Yohanna James the manager of Green hope Association orphanage appreciated SCOCO management for the donations; he also said that the association was already running out of fund and food items to sustain these homeless children, since the association has been running with the support from Miss South Sudan and funds from Malteser International which ended, its therefore very important that SCOCO came to rescue these vulnerable homeless children. He added that the children are currently not attending school due to lack of enough funds and that they only teach them hygiene basic mathematic here.  “I pledge with the international Organizations and the government to help raise these children who have bright future” he added.

Meanwhile Atem Deng who is also one of the homeless children visited by SCOCO, said that he found himself in the streets only after his step mother was mistreating him by innocently beating him every time, he appreciated SCOCO for donating them the clothes and the food items. Atem Deng added that he want to study if only a chance is granted to him, “I want to become a doctor in the future if I get a chance to go back to school” he added.

Homeless children are rapidly increasing in South Sudan, since the country was torn by conflict in 2013 many homes and schools were destroyed forcing many children to drop out of schools and others got separated from their parents in the process of fleeing country and the war affected areas. Most of these children lost their parents during the war and other leave their homes due to mistreatment and hard works imposed to them by their stepmothers and fathers.



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