Greediness is useless

By: Akol Arop Akol

Greediness means wanting more of what one is having. It is a wider word which expresses a big hearted person who doesn’t get satisfied with what he or she has.

People are supposed to be contented with what they presently have because being greedy will lead to corruption. One who is greedy is likely to beg or steal when his pocket is empty or when he feels what is money, food or materials he owns are not enough.

Greediness also gives spirit of selfishness and when people become addicted, it makes them eat alone. The glutton always has a character of increasing their possessions with someone’s belonging.

For example, if someone has a friend who owns a smartphone and usually shows off with it, one who already has a phone may feel like to buy the same type of phone so that he or she could have two. That is called greediness.

Imagine, two hunters went for hunting and killed an antelope and the other with a rabbit; the first hunter (who killed antelope) went and begged the owner of the rabbit pretending that he just wanted to taste its meat and then ended up consuming it, that is sign of a greedy person.

Those who are greedy only consume all what they have without giving but when they get finished, begging is their alternative to survive.  By the time they become broke and hungry, they would understand the importance of sharing with others and run to relatives and friends for help.

Tomorrow their things would get over and they come to those they have once rejected to help, they would not remember what they have done badly to others. The insults and disappointments they gave to others have created a distance between them. And those people who were once rejected see a better way to forget asking for support from them.

The same ones who bragged in the past because of what they have sometimes realized the people they ignored have prospered.

So they run back and convince them. Instead they befriend people who own possessions whether by working with them or praising so that they feel happy.

Greediness was not common in our country, but when crisis happened people started forgetting their brothers and sisters who are in need.

 As a result of lack of jobs, a big number of young men are involved in gambling and confiscation of passengers. When they ask for support, no one helps because everyone is minding his/her own business.

The lack of job opportunities has also encouraged the youth to engage in smuggling drugs and taking alcoholic drinks. These problems are highly experienced in towns where everyone is trying to improve life but some cannot make it on their own.

Greediness is everywhere in the country. The people who are doing these are mostly leaders. Instead of serving the people in-need they are favoring only their interests.

One needs only to eat under bed without giving to his brother and throws away the leftovers. If someone has a lot of money, he doesn’t use it for providing the family needs or helping friends.

They don’t even give to the needy-poor children and widows. Those who have something only mind their lives. There is no support, no giving to others.

Sharing is cement for strengthening friendship and relationship, but people ignore its importance. Due to lack of this quality, that is why South Sudanese are not moving together. The vulnerable people are struggling for daily life while the rich ones in leadership are busy eating instead of leading honestly.

But hopefully the people who have no chance now will have chance in future and they will also lead and eat. I’m saying greediness is useless because once you are greedy, you will be enjoying your own wealth without helping others but think of a time that you may run broke, life will be hard for you because no one will be ready to help you. That is why it is important, if you have a slice of bread, break it into half and share with a friend or relative. Once they get a chance they will stretch your back.

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